Post-Pandemic Body Positivity

8th May 2021

After over a year in our homes, shut in by a pandemic, freedom is on the horizon. As is summer. Many of us are a little leery of what lies beyond our doors; not just a lingering virus, but what our po … read more

You Are Enough

10th Mar 2021

This is just a reminder that you are enough. Turn off all of those thoughts that tell you otherwise. You are enough.Just because you are single doesn’t make you unlovable. Build a relationship with yo … read more

We Make Black History

Posted by Arla White on 19th Feb 2021

image credit: University of California MERCEDEvery February we come together to talk about Black History Month. Once a year, the shortest month of the year, we get together to remember and pay tr … read more

Becoming Breast Friends: Lessons from A to DD

26th May 2020

Boobs, knockers, tatas — they go by many names, but whatever you may call yours, breasts are a big deal. Mine have played a major role in the development of my body confidence, and it wasn’t until rec … read more