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Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service

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A Mother's Boutique

Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service

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Product Description

Did you know that >70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra?  Do you know what size you should be wearing?  Don't worry - this online bra fitting service is designed to help you! We have developed a technique called the "Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service" to help you to get fitted for a bra. There are MANY people who don't have a location nearby to get properly fitted for a bra - so if that is your situation, then this service is for you. All we need for you to do is to answer a few simple questions. Once you do, we will generate your personalized Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing and you will be on your way to getting a great bra that fits properly.

NOTE: for a limited time, you will receive a coupon for $15 towards your purchase when you sign up for our Virtual Bra Fitting service. Sign up today. 

What do we need from you? If you would like to use our Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing Service, please add this item to your shopping cart and email us with the following information (the more details the better!):
1) The size (and brand/style) of the bra that you are currently wearing and a description of how it fits or doesn’t fit (e.g. are you spilling out of the cups, is the band riding up your back, does the center gore sit flush against your sternum, are your breasts spilling out of the top or sides of the bra, does it offer enough support, etc - the more info you can give, the better!)
2) Your measurements – to get them you will need to take three measurements with a flexible measuring tape (the kind that a tailor uses - not the stiff kind that are used by handymen!). Then get someone to help you take your measurements (it is always easiest if someone can help you). To take your measurements, take off your shirt and make sure you have your best fitting bra on. Make sure that the bra isn’t tight in the cups so that you are able to get an accurate measurement.
1st measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body, but ABOVE your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
2nd measurement: take the same measurement as described above, but this time move the tape so that it is directly UNDER your breasts, keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor. The tape should be SNUG around you when you take this measurement.
3rd measurement: hold the measuring tape around your body over the largest part of your breasts (make sure you have your best fitting bra on). Make sure that your shoulders are back with your chest pointing out to get the most accurate measurement. This measurement should be a fitted, but loose measurement.
3) What type of bra are you looking for (e.g. lots of support, moderate support, underwire, no underwire, padding, no padding, pretty, plain, nursing, etc)

If you are pregnant or nursing, please also answer the following questions.

4) Are you currently pregnant? If not, how old is your baby? What size were you pre-pregnancy?
5) If you are currently pregnant, how much has your size changed so far during your pregnancy?  If you are not pregnant, what size were you before you had your baby?

That’s it – we will take the information that you send us and we will send you your Virtual Bra Fitting® Bra Sizing information via email.

Watch our video to see how to measure yourself.

Disclaimer: Your virtual bra fitting bra sizing recommendations will only be as accurate as the information that you provide. We do not guarantee that your bras will fit on the first try. Customers who purchase from our store may reach out to us after receiving their order - we are happy to provide feedback to perfect the fit.

Can't believe it actually works? Read these testimonials:

  • "This is my favorite place to buy bras. Now.....know first that I am someone who hates to buy bras online. But, due to their fitting service, fast shipping and unparalleled selection of great nursing bras I come back every time. Their customer service is first rate and their shipping is always very prompt. Do yourself a favor and buy your bras here. You won't regret it!" Heidi B., Bloomington, IL
  • "I became a first time mom about a month ago. I am breastfeeding my little one and finding nursing bras was torture. I bought some at a local store and ended up getting a blocked milk duct because they were too small and didn't fit right. When I found this store and the option of doing a virtual bra fitting I got very excited and honestly at that point I was willing to try anything! I sent Judy my measurements and less than 24 hours later I got a response back with sizing and several bra options she recommended to try. I ordered four of the bras she recommended and I love every single one of them AND the sizing was spot on! I would HIGHLY recommend this shop to every nursing momma out there, especially the virtual bra fitting! I can't say thank you enough!" Theresa H., Monroe Twp, PA
  • "I just wanted to thank you again. The bra you sent was the perfect size! It fits perfectly with no discomfort at all. I'm shocked. I've never had a bra fit like this and look and feel amazing. I thank you so much and I will be coming back in the future to purchase anything further. Thank you so much!" Kaci H., New Lexington, OH
  • "A Perfect Fit Every Time. No exaggeration here! My most recent bra order turned out in the same way that my past four orders have--with a bra that fits like it was made for me. Regardless of my weight and measurements, it is always tricky for me to find a well-fitting bra. I have done the virtual bra fitting with Judy for each of my orders and she does an excellent job recommending bras that fit fabulously. When my order arrives, I find a bra that really does fit like it was made for me. I enthusiastically recommend Judy and Levana Boutique every time!" Sarah M., Pullyup, WA
  • "Thanks so much! I have searched everywhere trying to find a comfortable nursing bra. The ones I had from you were the best I've ever had, and I've nursed 5 kids!" Liliana R., Tulsa, OK
  • "After using the virtual fitting, I ordered the bras suggested and they all worked great! Will definitely be recommending AM Boutique :)" Michelle H., Grovetown, GA
  • "I've struggled my whole life to find a bra that fits. Then to try to find a nursing bra when your breast size changes I knew would be even harder. Plus who has the time to go shop when you've just had a baby!Judy did an amazing job and I was so happy with all the choices she gave me. Not to mention how affordable everything is. So happy! I've been spreading the word to all my mamma friends!" Jabree B., Corning, IA
  • "My new bra arrived today--earlier than expected! It fits like it was made for me!!! Another slam dunk. Thank you so much!" Sarah M., Pullayup, WA
  • "Judy did a fantastic job of getting me exactly what I need from a nursing bra. The virtual bra fitting was right on. Saved me lots of time and frustration. I plan to shop here again." Jill L., Zachary, LA
  • "This is an awesome place to find things you need for pregnancy! I found this place after scouring the internet, and numerous purchases/returns to other stores. I have a hard to find bra size and after doing the bra sizing, I ordered several different ones that were suggested and viola! I found some that fit and are comfortable! All I can say is amazing! I live far from town, hours from any mall or boutique, so this works great for me. Great selection, A+ customer service! Thank you so much!! Will be buying from you again soon!" Heather
  • "Wow, bras that fit!! i'm so happy!" Heather D., Mad River, CA
  • "I just wanted to let you know that the bra extender was a fantastic suggestion. I actually had a bra extender that came with *another* bra I had that didn't fit. The bra extender from that bra matched up perfectly with my Cake bra and solved the issues with discomfort I was having. Thank you so much for all your help and patience! I'll definitely recommend your virtual bra fitting service to any of my friends who are breastfeeding. Take care!" Joni B., Roanoke, VA
  • "I just wanted to let you know that I love the croissant bra--just like you said I would! Thank you again for all of your help throughout the bra fitting & ordering process. I appreciate having someone to help me get just what I need." Sarah M., Edgewood, WA
  • "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless. Such a prompt response and very detailed! Thank you!!! I'm so excited to order and actually have something that fits." Sara W., Norwalk, OH
  • "Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a great experience. I have been wearing the wrong bra size my entire life ... I will be recommending you to all my nursing friends." Brianne M., Palm Harbor, FL
  • "Thank you so very much! You are offering a most appreciated and amazing service - OMGOSH! I am so grateful that you are passionate about providing such a service! I am giddy!!!" Stacey M., Hunker, PA
  • "I received my bras today! I ordered 2 of the Vanessa's. They are so comfortable and fit like a dream!! If only I had known about you 2 years ago (longer if I add in the 9 months of pregnancy that I wore nursing bras), I would have saved hundreds of dollars on ugly and uncomfortable bras. Thanks to your expertise with the virtual fitting I now know that nursing bras for large breasted women can be functional, flattering, and most importantly...comfortable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Kelly H., Winter Park, FL
  • "I got my bra in the mail today! At first I thought it was too small, but once I adjusted the straps a little it fit PERFECTLY!!!! I've never worn a bra this comfortable before! It's like nothing is there. Thank you so much!!!" Alison C., Farmington, MN
  • "Thanks so much, Judy! I really appreciate all of your help today. It's so wonderful knowing that there is a place that I can go that actually carries my sizes!" Ann B., Pittsburgh, PA
  • "I got my nursing bras in the post today!!!! When I tell you they fit PERFECTLY... I am not kidding..... Thanks to your virtual fitting I AM SET! THANK YOU!!!!!" Danielle R., Gulfport, MS
  • "Love the owner!! She emailed me for over 3 days to help me pick out nursing bra's because I couldn't make it out to her store. :)" Nicole S., Natrona Heights, PA
  • "I got my new bra today! (Thank you for the easy exchange!) It fits PERFECTLY!! That's never happened to be before! Thank you so much for all of your help, Judy!" Keshia R., Calhoun, TN
  • "I appreciate the help, it's nice to have a store that will actually get back to you and KNOW their products. I've been at a few other places and got the "well I don't know" when just asking something simple. So thank you :)" Jenny S., Fort Ashby, WV
  • "Judy, You're right, that bra was perfect. I can't tell you how happy I am with the other bras you helped me select, too! I really thought I'd be happy if I just found one great bra, so as you can imagine, I'm over the moon :) I will certainly refer moms to your site whenever I can. Thanks again!" Amy R., Omaha NE
  • "Love love love the new nursing bras I just received in the mail from the 'virtual fitting!' The choices were spot on and fit perfectly!" Ali R., Plattsburgh, NY

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  • 5

    Posted by Christine Leishman on 16th Jun 2021

    My niece needed a good supportive nursing bra and she is full chested so finding the proper fit was really important and challenging. The fitting was key

  • 5
    Incredibly helpful!

    Posted by Rachel Clute on 22nd Dec 2020

    I've been struggling to find a nursing bras in a size that fits properly. After trying 4-5 sizes of multiple styles with another company I came here, and I have a week during bra on my first order! So thankful!

  • 5
    very helpful suggestions

    Posted by Lydia R-R on 6th Aug 2020

    Judy was very helpful with suggestions about which bras and sizes to try. She put my measurements through 3 calculators and they were all slightly different, but made an educated guess and was right! For my first order I tried 4 different bras in the 2 sizes she thought I could be. I now have 4 bras that fit! very helpful and prompt and perfect for those of us who don't live close enough for in person fittings (also, covid....). if I ever need help again, I will gladly do another fitting with Judy.

  • 5
    Recent purchase

    Posted by Jane Lewis on 16th Jul 2020

    Two of 3 bras purchased fit great. The band on one rolled up and was uncomfortable. I returned it. My bra fitting following instructions on video did a fine job. I will use this company again.

  • 5
    Finally found a bra that fits!

    Posted by Nicole Flores on 8th Feb 2019

    Thank you so much for offering this service. After 6 months of nursing my baby, and trying well over a dozen bras, I finally found your website and a bra that fits! The reply was prompt and thorough, and the bra recommended is a perfect fit. Thank you!

  • 5
    Virtual bra fitting

    Posted by Josephine on 28th Jan 2019

    Excellent. I would highly recommend.

  • 5
    Amazing experience, as usual!

    Posted by Liz on 7th May 2018

    This is my FOURTH time ordering using the virtual fitting and I was not disappointed. The bras fit perfectly and are so comfortable! Perhaps too comfortable...I used my bra as a pocket for my lipstick yesterday and forgot it was there for 11 hours! Bra shopping used to be a nightmare...I recommend this service to all my friends, especially my busty friends! Thank you again!

  • 5
    I didn't believe it - but you were right

    Posted by J.K. on 1st Sep 2017

    My bras came today and I just wanted to say that I love them and they fit perfectly! Thanks so much again!

  • 5
    Perfection yet again!

    Posted by Heidi on 22nd May 2017

    Another virtual bra fitting, another perfect fit! I absolutely love this service and recommend it to anyone who ever asks about finding a new bra. Thank you so much!!!